All in Breakfast and brunch

cinnamon waffle

Growing up waffles were something I did with my grand-parents, at the weekend as a treat or ate at the fair ground. Nowadays, as a health conscious foodie mum I like to play around with so called indulgent, cheeky treats and tweak them! Still treats, but rid of the refined sugars and packed with nourishing goodness and flavours. These cinnamon waffles are just that.

homemade granola

So, breakfast cereals… where do we even start? Well, let’s start with the fact that homemade granola is the easiest thing you could do! Make a batch on Sunday afternoon with the kids and enjoy every morning with your choice of milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit etc…

potato & spinach waffle

So...I may have bought a new foodie gadget, and I may be having way too much fun with it! So I am now sharing the outcome of my very first waffle creation and certainly not the last! 
The best thing about this one< in addition to containing greens, is that I am using mashed potato. So so simple, could be a leftover in your fridge, and you will have a fab breakfast or delicious lunchbox item!

cranberry & orange chia jam

Sticking by our favourite rule of eating seasonal ingredients, and in the spirit of joining our American friends in celebrating Thanksgiving I decided to make you all this delicious Cranberry & Orange chia jam . It’s quick and easy, and will make the perfect partner to fluffy pancakes, warming porridge or creamy Greek yoghurt! Dare I say, the tangy deliciousness of this jam also makes it a great companion for a rich cheese board! Feel free to adopt it, for ever! Not just for Thanksgiving!

chewy oat breakfast bars

Shop bought breakfast bars and so called healthy snack bars are a minefield nowadays. I keep spending far too much time checking what is new on offer in supermarkets, online, and to be fair there is still far too little choice for a nourishing, no nasties, no refined sugar and no nuts option. So nothing better than homemade! These are really simple with a lovely citrus kick of orange perfect for breakfast on-the-go!

Get your greens in

This makes a fantastic breakfast or brunch. By opting for vegetables and eggs for breakfast over sugary laden cereals or toast you are sustaining your energy and balancing your blood sugar levels. This breakfast should keep you going until lunchtime and how virtuous will you feel having your greens for breakfast?!

apricot & oat bars

These bars are permanently in my fridge at the moment as they are proving a big hit with my daughter who is taking them into school as a mid morning snack. With no nuts they are suitable for the schools no nuts policy, and with a good combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates, and no hidden nasties they are keeping me happy too! They are so easy to make and then I store in the fridge ready for the week ahead.

5-minute chia jam

When porridge season is upon us, making sure we have a wide choice of healthy toppings is key to good breakfast nutrition. Nut butters are a favourite in our house, but this no refined sugar jam is a great healthy alternative. The key to making porridge last you until lunchtime is to include some protein and healthy fats. With the addition of the chia seeds, this jam does both of these things! We have used some of our "pick your own" summer fruits for this one.


stewed apricots & plums

When fruit season is in full swing, let's take advantage of it! Having fruits as part of a healthy nutritious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. This very simple apricot and plum stew is not only seasonal and delicious, it is extremely versatile. It makes a perfect crumble base, or a great topping for your morning oats or Greek yoghurt!

raspberry & beetroot mess

The sun's finally coming out to play, all my favourite berries are also coming into season so it's time to play with those gorgeous colours and make healthy food look pretty and attractive to young and not so young! Offering a yoghurt and a few fruits to the kids for breakfast or dessert is great but they get bored! Choose a nice glass, cup or jar, and get creative with some nutritious layers! Here's what I did and I found great success!

pick & mix egg muffins

Muffins... they are everywhere, appeal to most, and are easy to grab and go… the problem is, well, they’re not usually very healthy and rarely providing real nutrients. Let me introduce the No Carb Egg Muffin! OK, it is more like a pocket size portable omelette!!