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breakfast smoothie

This morning while walking the dog I was asked by a mum at my daughter’s school to help with breakfast ideas for her teenage son. He plays sport very early in the morning three days a week and doesn’t feel like eating a big breakfast before they leave the house, but feels dizzy if he doesn’t. A Health Boost favourite is a homemade smoothie. My children will often make this for themselves pre-football or hockey and with protein in the form of chia seeds, it keeps them going. This could be drunk in the car on the way to sport and, because it’s nut free, could be finished after or during sport too.

We make ours in a nutribullet, which is so easy to use that my 8 year old gets involved too. It also saves on the washing up as the cup comes with lids and handles to transport and drink from!


Berry blast smoothie



I tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon flaxseed (not the pre-milled variety)
1 small banana
1 handful of frozen raspberries
1 ball of frozen spinach or small handful of fresh spinach
Coconut water filled to max line on jar




Simply blend everything up and enjoy!


Health Boost tip

I sometimes make this with almond milk for extra protein, but that does limit it being taken into school.

carrot, apple & ginger flapjacks

carrot, apple & ginger flapjacks

beetroot madness

beetroot madness