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summer tapenade

summer tapenade

As days get longer and the summer approaches, not fast enough may I add, we start longing for relaxed alfresco eating ideas. What better than to look at classic Mediterranean dips and starters? One of my favourites from childhood summers spent on the French Riviera is Tapenade. It's so simple to make...




200g pitted black olives
5 fillets anchovies
50g sundried tomatoes
1 clove of garlic, crushed
juice of 1/2 lemon
olive oil
black pepper



  • In a food processor bowl, add sundried tomatoes and garlic and pulse until broken down

  • Add olives and anchovies and blitz until you reach a paste

  • Add the lemon juice and process some more

  • At this point it is a question of texture preference as to how much olive oil you add to reach a coarse or smooth tapenade result

  • Pepper to taste


the health boost tip

Tapenade is traditionally served as a dip, either for starters or to accompany pre-dinner drinks, spread on little grilled toasts or croutons. However, it is a delicious and tasty topping for grilled fish or chicken alike. For those of you partial to a nice bowl of pasta it is a great alternative to pesto.
Now I'll let you in on a great little South of France barbecue tradition of ours; we love making summer veggie tarts... and tapenade is amazing spread over the base before adding your vegetables. But that's a whole new recipe for later!

Download a printable version here

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