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a week of courgette/zucchini recipes

a week of courgette/zucchini recipes

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For anyone that grows their own or has family that grows their own vegetables you will be very familiar with how quickly you can suddenly have far too many courgettes (or zucchini as it's known in the States and Australia) to deal with! A couple of years ago I planted far too many courgette plants and I was making everything with courgettes in from cakes to hummus to curries and salads. Well you'll be pleased to know that lots of our recipes contain courgettes and here we've compiled them all in one place just for you. The only thing that's missing from the recipes below is a courgette cake - but don't worry we're working on one!!



squash and courgette curry2.JPG

This squash & courgette curry recipe is one of our most popular courgette recipes and with good reason. It's zingy and fresh and who doesn't love a creamy coconut sauce. Perfect vegetarian end to a weekend.


courgette fritters.JPG

These courgette fritters are perfect for meatless Monday. Quick simple and easy to make they'll become one of your go to recipes.



This rainbow salad is perfect for a light lunch. You can also make the night before and pack into a lunchbox to take into work.


green soup.JPG

There's something about a green soup that makes you feel so virtuous. The glorious green one can be lunch, a light supper, a starter... the choice is yours!


courgette and chickpea salad.png

This courgette and chickpea salad is another reader favourite. After all who doesn't love halloumi! A great salad for a lunch or light supper. 


stuffed courgette.JPG

We've made it to Friday and it's nearly the weekend. Time to treat ourselves with a Provencal stuffed courgette. This can also be make with the traditional straight courgette and will be just as delicious - it just won't look quite so pretty!



It's the weekend so there's hopefully a bit more time to cook. How about Val's Childhood Shakshuka.


More courgette/zucchini ideas

There are lots more recipes with courgettes on our website. If you type courgette or zucchini using the search button, then you'll easily find them all. Or else here's a few more that might interest you.

Ratatouille from Val's summer holidays in Provence.

A Prebiotic soup - full of food for our gut bacteria to munch on.

Mediterranean cod - full of the flavours of the Mediterranean.

A vegetarian hygge bowl - which, as the name suggests, is a vegetarian comfort dish that warms you up on a cold night.

Another winter warmer is the vegetable tagine - which delivers a spicy punch.

This make ahead and freezable paprika chicken is perfect for feeding a family and, as the oven does the hard work, it leaves you to get all the credit.


a week of healthy snacks

a week of healthy snacks

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