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a week of salads

a week of salads

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We love salads at The Health Boost and nearly every day will have one for lunch and in the summer for supper too. However there's no limp lettuce and starving ourselves with our salads. The key to a good salad is to get the right balance of protein, healthy fats and some slow release healthy carbohydrates so that you aren't hungry again by 3pm. Every salad must contain a palm-sized amount of protein. This can be in the form of salmon, mackerel, chicken, lentils, chickpeas or feta cheese if you tolerate dairy. Healthy fats must be included too. Usually that's extra virgin olive oil in the dressing but we often also include some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top of our salads. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, often lacking in our diet and the healthy fats will keep us fuller for longer. We also include lots and lots of vegetables in our salads. Some starchy vegetables for the carbohydrates and lots of other colourful vegetables, including lots of green ones which are a good source of magnesium (again often lacking in our diet). We hope this selection of salads will provide you with some inspiration. We change our salads weekly, depending on what's seasonal and what delights our vegetable box brings. Have fun experimenting with your salads!


quinoa, bettroot and herb salad 1.jpg

This beetroot, herb and quinoa salad is a great mixture of slow release carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. I love raw beetroot in a salad and it pairs perfectly with the quinoa. Topped with lots of pumpkin seeds, sprouts and a French Dijon dressing.


raspberry and oat pots.jpg

This beetroot, lentil & feta salad is ideal in either the summer or winter. In the winter leave the lentils warm so that your salad isn't cold. 


rainbow salad.JPG

This rainbow salad contains some delicious starchy carbohydrates so this a good salad post-workout or after a long walk.


avocado and mango salad.JPG

This avocado and mango salad is yummy and a favourite in our house. I don't usually like to add fruit to my salads - but the mango really works here and is necessary to finish the salad off.


wild rice salad.JPG

This wild rice salad is another salad that is great in either the summer or the winter. In the winter keep the rice warm so that the salad isn't too cooling for the winter months. The avocado and pumpkin seeds will contain some protein, but it you are eating on its own then you might want to add some more protein.


caulirice salad.JPG

This caulirice salad is a great low-carb salad if you are looking for something hearty with minimal carbs. It's probably best not taken into work (unless you work on your own or have understanding colleagues) as the cauliflower gives off a very sulphur smell when left for a while!


courgette and chickpea salad.jpg

This courgette and chickpea salad is great in the summer when courgettes are in season. It stores well undressed and without the avocado and so is ideal for taking into work and then adding the avocado and dressing just before serving.


More salad ideas

Winter salad bowl A hearty salad perfect for when the days get colder and shorter.

Quinoa and asparagus bowl. Make the most of the asparagus season with this quick salad bowl.

Red cabbage and fennel slaw. Great during the winter months when you need something fresh and red cabbage is in season. Equally as good during the summer alongside a BBQ.

Beetroot and carrot salad. I love this salad as part of a buffet spread. Or else I make during the week and then use as a base and add some green and other seasonal veg to bulk it out.


French Dijon dressing

French Dijon dressing

beetroot, lentil & feta salad

beetroot, lentil & feta salad