All in Dips and sauces

broad bean & mint dip

At the Health Boost we believe that the sure way to sustaining healthy eating on a long term basis is to keep it simple. Few ingredients, inspired by the seasons and available locally. This dip is just that and will make the perfect offering with summer drinks, barbecues served with warm flat breads or corn tortillas.  

French Dijon dressing

A classic French vinaigrette was one of the first things my mother taught me to make. We always made a big batch to last the week, and it's a custom I still do to this day. This can be made in any quantity, just remember the 3 part olive oil and 1 part acidic rule. The acidic base can be vinegar or lemon juice or a combination of the two. When we were little I also used to add a touch of honey, but with a good quality olive oil I don't think this is necessary any more, but do add if you prefer.

pea shoot & cashew pesto

At the Health Boost we love a green pesto. Spring and summer provide us with amazing green herbs, leaves and shoots and the greatest opportunities to experiment with green pesto. A homemade pesto is a great base for a bright and zingy salad dressing if you add olive oil and the juice of a lemon. As a make ahead and refrigerate item, it will become your best friend for a last minute delicious meal. Spoon some on top of a salmon fillet or chicken thighs before sliding in the oven and serve with a side salad. 

salmon & dill rillettes

Once again we are back with a very simple, quick and versatile recipe. To be enjoyed all year round, it is a fantastic prepped in advance lunch box item which can also be served chilled to accompany evening drinks or as a starter for your next dinner party. Salmon and dill is such a deliciously fresh classic combination.

pea & mint hummus

This recipe came about after a friend said she fancied a pea houmous and could I come up with a recipe for her. Well of course I could, so here it is Gayle! I added mint and cumin since they both go so well with peas. You can use this as a dip, or mixed into a salad to give it a protein hit.

roasted red pesto

When my kids were little, as most toddlers do, they went through a phase of refusing everything green added to their plate. Shock horror! My way round it was to add Green Pesto to their pasta. From then on, pesto, was always going to be homemade. Over the years, I have made green pesto and red pesto alike. It is so easy and delicious. Pick and choose the vegetables you enjoy, pick and mix the nuts and have fun creating....and eating of course! This is my favourite Mediterranean combination.

avocado & turmeric dressing

This creamy dressing is perfect if you are looking for a hearty salad dressing. Also great poured over roasted vegetables. The protein and healthy fats from the cashew nuts and avocado will help to sustain you on busy days. This dressing will keep in a jar in the fridge for a couple of days.

summer tapenade

As days get longer and the summer approaches, not fast enough may I add, we start longing for relaxed alfresco eating ideas. What better than to look at classic Mediterranean dips and starters? One of my favourites from childhood summers spent on the French Riviera is Tapenade. It's so easy to make...

smoked mackerel pâté

We love to keep things simple, healthy and delicious so here we go: what we give you here is a 2 or maybe 3 ingredients only, quick & easy recipe. Your perfect go to recipe for entertaining all year round and keep your guests happy before dinner. This also makes a brilliant lunchbox item for kids and grown-ups alike with flat breads or raw veggie sticks.

forager's pesto

What could be more rewarding than foraging for your own food and making your own pesto? This contains wild garlic and stinging nettles. Both are at their peak in March and April. Wild garlic is found in dark, shady, woody locations. Although similar to the toxic lily of the valley, the smell is unmistakable. If in doubt then don't pick! Nettles can be found everywhere – choose a location that's not near traffic or anywhere that could have been sprayed or where a dog may have visited. Wear thick protective gloves and pick just the top. If you do go foraging then please observe the countryside rules and forage responsibly. 

watercress pesto

Dips and sauces prepared in advanced can make a world of difference at the end of a hectic day with the kids or at work. This pesto is made with watercress because it is currently in season but could be made with kale, spinach, parsley or basil. And isn't that colour just amazingly inviting?