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chicken dippers

chicken dippers

These chicken strips make a perfect Saturday lunch with salad or stuffed into wraps or pitta bread with guacamole or hummus. Can also be eaten cold for picnics or packed lunches.




3-4 chicken breasts sliced into strips or a packet of chicken breast fillets
100g ground almonds
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
Large handful of chopped parsley
1 large egg



  • Mix the ground almonds, paprika and parsley together in one bowl.

  • Crack the egg into another bowl.

  • Dip the chicken strips into the egg and then dip them in the almond flour mix until coated.

  • Place the chicken strips onto a baking tray.

  • Cook in a medium oven for 20 minutes until cooked through.


The Health Boost Tip

Organic chicken is a great source of protein, B vitamins and minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. Choosing organic means you are lowering your risk of contaminated feeds and organic chicken usually has a higher nutrient quality.

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