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weekly make aheads

Making life easier in the kitchen is what we are all about. There are several items that we make on a regular basis so that we always have something tasty to snack on or reach for to pull a meal together. They are a bit like the backbone to our cooking. Helping us to speed things up in the kitchen when we are busy. You could set aside some time each week to make these, say a Sunday afternoon when things are less busy. Or make them throughout the week, whatever suits you. If you want to make sure you always have a well stocked kitchen to assist with getting ahead then do check out our blog post stocking a healthy kitchen.

forager's pesto

What could be more rewarding than foraging for your own food and making your own pesto? This contains wild garlic and stinging nettles. Both are at their peak in March and April. Wild garlic is found in dark, shady, woody locations. Although similar to the toxic lily of the valley, the smell is unmistakable. If in doubt then don't pick! Nettles can be found everywhere – choose a location that's not near traffic or anywhere that could have been sprayed or where a dog may have visited. Wear thick protective gloves and pick just the top. If you do go foraging then please observe the countryside rules and forage responsibly.