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Ready for a challenge?

Ready for a challenge?

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I started writing this post back in January, and decided to leave it until now, early April, as days are longer and brighter. Why? because this is NOT a story of January resolutions forgotten and abandoned come February. At The Health Boost, we don't believe in quick fixes, we are passionate about making small changes for long term, long lasting benefits. Personally, I am not a big fan of the word resolution. I prefer stronger, more positive and upbeat words like goals and challenges and changing the mindset. Like strategy and tactics, goals and challenges work hand in hand: they range from a daily challenge to a milestone goal or never attempted before challenge. They can be very personal or shared with family and friends.



The definition of the word "mindset" by the English Oxford Dictionary is: "The established set of attitudes held by someone". Some of the synonyms offered are: mind, mental processes, thought processes, way of thinking, frame of mind, mentality, persona, psyche, attitude(s), mental attitudes, character, disposition, temperament, temper, behaviour...
Mindset is a word I use multiple times everyday: at home with the kids, at work with Kat who in turn deals with clients in need of help with changes for a better health; we also use it at the gym with our wonderful coaches. As I study or devise exercise plans, I do need to take into accounts my clients' mindset, disposition and attitude towards new exercise routines.


As the big 50 approaches for me (next year), I reflect and cast my mind back to turning 40 and how much fun and positive spin I chose to put on that. Back then, I decided to train for and run my first ever marathon (Paris 2010) but then pretty much gave up running as I wanted a new challenge or several! I started weight lifting (I still do), I competed in Athletics (Javelin) and generally always kept very busy and active, body and mind. Last October I started studying to become a Personal Trainer (I am a year away from finishing).

But now guess what? Running is back on the agenda because it has yet again become a challenge after a long 6 year break! A sunny half marathon in Spring 2019 is the aim.

Change is so exciting. Change will change you. Change is a challenge in itself.


Trying something new, is in itself an achievement and a sign of a healthy mindset. If I had one and only one piece of advice for anyone deciding to embark on a "Health and Fitness" challenge? I would suggest encouraging someone to join you. Why?
1) Accountability is key to following the plan and reaching your goal
2) Having a like-minded buddy is sharing the highs, lows and everything in between
3) It becomes a social activity, good for body, mind and soul
4) It requires advance planning. Plan it, book it and stick to it! 

Remember, it's not about climbing Everest, it's not always about finishing first or scoring a new PB, it doesn't have to cost anything, it's about introducing something new, no matter what! 


Useful links: 

For those contemplating having a go at running, the links below may help you start something new and feel really good about yourself.

Couch to 5k is a great NHS led initiative providing training programs, podcasts an App (C25K) and everything you need to progress sensibly and feel good about yourself and encourage friends and family to join.

Find a race is a great resource for finding your next fun race or challenge near you.

Park Run has been hugely successful at introducing lots of running events all over the country suitable for families.

If you feel we may be able to help in any way, please do get in touch!

savoury flapjacks

savoury flapjacks

lemon & poppy seed waffle

lemon & poppy seed waffle