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carrot, parsnip & ginger soup

Soups are perfect for warming you up during the Autumn and Winter months. They are also a great way of boosting vegetable intake into any reluctant vegetable eater! This soup is very child-friendly with naturally sweet root vegetables. This soup is ideal if you are suffering from a cold or want to boost your immunity. The garlic and ginger are both anti-inflammatory and immune boosting.

The real superheroes

As the health industry continues to boom, there are more and more products claiming to make you healthier and it’s easy to be seduced into thinking that taking a daily ‘superfood’ will help to make you healthier. However if you are sedentary and consume a typical Western diet that is high in saturated fat and low in fibre and phytonutrients then a glass of wheatgrass a day will not protect you from cancer or cardiovascular problems. 

kitchen garden soup

Including lots of green in our diet is always top of our list. Soups along with curries are a perfect way to up the daily portions with reluctant eaters. The addition of ground cumin to this otherwise simple soup gives it that extra warmth and comforting quality. The apple and peas work wonderfully to balance out the strong Cavalo Nero and celery flavours.

Looking after your heart

Heart disease is unfortunately still on the rise and is still the leading cause of death for both men and women in the world. Nutritionally there is much that you can do to protect yourself and since prevention is invariably better than cure it’s time to protect your heart.

forager's pesto

What could be more rewarding than foraging for your own food and making your own pesto? This contains wild garlic and stinging nettles. Both are at their peak in March and April. Wild garlic is found in dark, shady, woody locations. Although similar to the toxic lily of the valley, the smell is unmistakable. If in doubt then don't pick! Nettles can be found everywhere – choose a location that's not near traffic or anywhere that could have been sprayed or where a dog may have visited. Wear thick protective gloves and pick just the top. If you do go foraging then please observe the countryside rules and forage responsibly.