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creamy green smoothie

When the weather gets warmer we love nothing better than a smoothie for breakfast. This smoothie is deliciously creamy due to the addition of avocado and banana. Suitable for children - the first time I made this my daughter drank most of it! There is some protein from the avocado, but not much, so if you want to drink on its own then you might want to add a few nuts. I often like a smoothie post run and then I’ll have lunch a few hours later.

kale & mint smoothie

This fresh tasting mint smoothie is the perfect accompaniment to a summer weekend breakfast or a mid morning pick me up. We have made it sweet to appeal to children as well, but if it's only for you, then you might find that one pear, or even none, will do. There's no protein in the smoothie so it's not a substitute to breakfast. If you want to eat on its own then include a handful of almonds in the smoothie.