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chia jam strawberry tart

chia jam strawberry tart

Strawberry season has well and truly arrived! Our local farm have opened their doors for the traditional annual PYO tradition.
My favourite way of enjoying strawberries is just the fruit, but my not so little children and husband do demand a proper dessert occasionally so this tart fits the bill. Perfect for your next Sunday lunch with the family.



serves 4-6


1 Puff Pastry block
600g strawberries
2 tablespoons Chia seeds
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon date syrup or maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract



Prep time: 30mins
Cook time: 15mins

  • Preheat oven at 180°C

  • Line tart tray with parchment paper.

  • Clean and cut strawberries in half.

  • In a Nutribullet or high-speed blender, add 300g strawberries and water and blitz until smooth.

  • In a saucepan, pour the strawberry coulis and add the chia seeds and syrup .

  • Cook on low heat for about 20minutes stirring regularly.

  • Remove from the heat and set aside to cool.

  • Roll pastry to suit chosen tart dish.

  • Pour chia jam on pastry and spread evenly.

  • Arrange the strawberries on top of the chia jam.

  • Slide in the oven for around 15-20 minutes or until pastry appears golden and crisp.


the health boost tip

This recipe is so so simple and one you can replicate with any other seasonal berry you love. Raspberries would work brilliantly mixed with blueberries!
The really good news is that strawberries aren't just delicious they are also good for you. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and contain phytonutrients that give powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.

Download a printable version here

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