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Tomato crumble

Tomato crumble

If you have never tried a savoury crumble, now is the time with this recipe! This is a fun, really quick and easy vegetarian meal you can put together in the evening for kids. It can be used as a side or as a main dish. Add Oregano as you herb of choice and it will taste like a pizza! Add olives and Herbes de Provence and you’ll find yourself in sunny South of France. I’ve had massive thumbs up and great success with kids with this recipe and you could turn it into a pick and mix where kids make their own veggie choices and share the crumble topping in individual dishes!



serves 4


8 medium tomatoes
1 clove garlic
100g butter (soft and at room temperature)
100g Parmesan grated
80g Buckwheat flour
80g Gluten Free jumbo oats
Salt & Pepper
Fresh or dried herbs:
Rosemary or Oregano or Herbes de Provence

Chorizo , cubed
Green or black olives, pitted



prep time: 15mins
cooking time: 30mins


  • Preheat oven at 180°C

  • Peel garlic clove and brush all over a ceramic ovenproof dish (size wise I used a 20x30cm but smaller is fine)

  • Quarter the tomatoes and add to dish with herbs

  • Slide in oven for about 15 mins

  • In the meantime, prepare the crumble

  • In a large bowl add the grated parmesan, oats, flour and butter and using your hands mix it all up until reaching that crumbly texture including a few clusters

  • Get the tomatoes out of the oven and turn up the heat to about 210°C

  • Remove excess water the tomatoes produced

  • Scatter the crumble mixture all over the tomatoes

  • Slide back in the oven for about 15mins, until golden and crisp

  • Enjoy straight out of the oven with a side of salad or seasonal greens


the health boost tip

Nobody can beat a crumble; quick and easy, can be adapted to all food intolerances and a great way to get kids cooking on a Sunday afternoon. Trying a savoury version is a great way to increase those crucial daily veggie portions. Using oats for topping goes towards your healthy fibre intake. An all round win!

Download a printable version here

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