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 a week of healthy breakfasts

a week of healthy breakfasts

You've all heard the saying "breakfast like a king". However the typical Western diet breakfast of cereal with skimmed milk or a piece of toast grabbed on the way out of the door is not eating like a king. Most of the cereals and bread on the supermarket shelves are highly processed and full of sugar or preservatives which have no place on our plates. I understand that time is a particular worry when you're trying to get to work and ferry children to school. However, I often find that by cooking a breakfast for the children, plates are cleaned much quicker and we are out of the door earlier. The key is to get the children involved or prep the night before. My children learnt from a very early age how to make scrambled eggs. My husband leaves the house at a ridiculous hour in the morning so he takes his breakfast in, which he eats after his 8am meeting. Many of the breakfasts below are easily portable in a container and carried into work.




An omelette is an ideal weekend option. The children can choose their favourite fillings and it can be made to order. Spinach is an ideal filling to get children used to greens on their plate. It's mild in flavour and when chopped up finely and mixed with egg it's delicious. The omelette pictured contains red pepper, peas, spinach, feta and a sprinkling of turmeric. However, choose your favourites and play around. Try and include at least two portions of vegetables, which will make hitting your 10 a day so much easier.


raspberry and oat pots.jpg

This raspberry and oat pot is easily prepared on Sunday night and then left in the fridge overnight. It's my son's current favourite as he says it fills him up until lunchtime! It can be served on its own or my children like to mix it with some healthy homemade granola for some added crunch.


egg muffins.jpg

Egg muffins are another easy breakfast that can be adapted to suit your family. You can choose the vegetables that are popular with your family. Like the omelette recipe on Sunday I have used my family favourites, red pepper, spinach, peas and feta cheese. But in the recipe link above we have used smoked salmon, spinach and parsley. As long as you have half vegetable mix and half egg mixture you can't go wrong. These can be made the night before and heated up or even taken to work cold. They keep in the fridge for a couple of days.


raspberry and chia pots.JPG

These raspberry chia pots are similar to Monday's breakfast but dairy free and with no oats. Again my children like to mix with homemade granola.


boiled eggs.jpg

One of my daughter's favourite breakfasts. Dippy eggs and sourdough soldiers. No recipe needed, very simple and devoured in minutes!


smoothie bowl.jpg

Friday calls for a smoothie bowl. A smoothie bowl is just a smoothie with less liquid so it's thicker and can be eaten with a spoon. Sprinkle with your favourite toppings – nuts, seeds and oats all work well. In the photograph we have use the breakfast smoothie recipe, which is the kids' favourite. With the addition of chia seeds it includes protein and some healthy omega 3 fats. We have plenty of other smoothie recipes to choose from, but remember to make sure you include protein to ensure full tummies until lunchtime.


blueberry waffles.jpg

It's Saturday so pancakes or waffles are perfect. The following batter mix can be made into either drop pancakes or waffles. We also have lots more waffle ideas to inspire you on the breakfast section of the website. This blueberry batter requires
65g oats
1 banana
2 eggs
2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
100ml kefir
50g blueberries.
Simply whizz all the ingredients in a blender and leave for a few minutes. Then place in a greased waffle maker for 8-10 minutes or place a ladleful in a greased frying pan and fry to make pancakes.


More breakfast ideas

Scrambled egg with salmon and spinach

Healthy spicy baked beans on toast or with some eggs

Raspberry and beetroot mess

Greek yoghurt with berries or one of our compotes such as the rhubarb and vanilla

Chewy oat breakfast bars

Smoothies make great summer breakfasts options - we have lots of ideas on our website. Remember to make sure you include protein and some fat to keep you going until lunchtime

Rude Health do some healthier cereals with no refined sugar. My children love the Honey Spelt Puffs which they have with Bio-tiful Kefir rather than milk

Homemade Granola makes a speedy breakfast, serve with milk, nut milk, kefir or Greek Yoghurt and perhaps some berries

spiced red lentil soup

spiced red lentil soup

beetroot falafels

beetroot falafels